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AS Armature Kits

To reduce shipping costs the Stop Motion Shop is now the main US supplier of Animation Supplies kits and accessories. The kits are of good quality at a very affordable price. These kits are great for anyone starting out in stop motion, especially if they are on a budget. Keep in mind that soldering the balls to the rods will also give you the best results for more serious productions.

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2 AS ProPlus Armature Kit w/FREE Threadlock

AS ProPlus Armature Kit w/FREE Threadlock

The ProPlus Armature is an exceptional product, crammed full of exciting features. It consists of 14 precision made ball and socket joints...


3 AS Standard Armature Kit

AS Standard Armature Kit

Our 4th generation Standard Armature™ offers exceptional value for money. Detailed information can be found further down this page. -A...


8 AS Professional Armature Kit

AS Professional Armature Kit

The Animation Supplies Professional Armature™ kit provides smaller joints than our Standard Armature. This allows for more elegant...


5 AS Quadruped Armature Kit w/FREE Threadlock

AS Quadruped Armature Kit w/FREE Threadlock

The ProPlus Quadruped Armature consists of 10 precision made ball and socket joints which are made from hard wearing stainless steel. This...


10 AS Aluminium Armature Kit

AS Aluminium Armature Kit

The Value Aluminium Armature another ideal choice for those starting out in animation. -A fully customizable design -Easily replace worn...


6 AS Pre-Made Aluminium Armature

AS Pre-Made Aluminium Armature

The Ready-made Aluminum Armature™ is a simplified version of its big brother, the AliExtra. It is an excellent choice for those starting...


0 AS Standard Rigging System

AS Standard Rigging System

Create professional, gravity defying effects using our Standard Rigging System. The Standard Rig has been designed to be used with our...

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0 AS ProPlus Rigging System

AS ProPlus Rigging System

Rigs are used extensively in professional studios. They enable animators to create gravity defying effects which look absolutely fantastic....

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