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DragonFrame 3.5

Laikas latest feature Boxtrolls was made using Dragonframe. It's used by both studios and hobbyists of all skill levels.

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DragonFrame 3.5 Download +Free Controller 561

DragonFrame 3.5 Download +Free Controller

DragonFrame 3 download for Mac and now Windows is one of the fullest featured programs stop motion animators are using today. Studios and...

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Dragon Stop Motion to Frame 3.5 Upgrade 230

Dragon Stop Motion to Frame 3.5 Upgrade

OUR PRICE: $90.00 QUANTITY PRICE/ 5+ITEMS: $50.00 Dragonframe 3.5 stop motion software for Mac or Windows (PC). The software is delivered...


DDMX-S2 Lighting Automation 46

DDMX-S2 Lighting Automation

Automate lighting and interact with external devices using our new DMX512 and digital I/O controller. Program scene lighting with...