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AnimationToolkit Stopmotion Armature Kit NEW DESIGN!


ArmatureFX Stopmotion Armature Kits are designed and made by Westley Wood of MacKinnon and Saunders stop motion animation house. They are excellent for anyone just starting out that would like to build their own stop motion puppets.

Here is a video from Dallas University where our ArmatureFX kits were used. It was a big project for the ABC Network, animating a piece for Extreme Make Over Home Edition.:

Kits are modular and allow different sections to be replaced. So if your puppets arm should break, just use the included hex allen key wrench to unscrew the part and replace it with some fresh wire. To make sure the wire doesn't break in the first place, do not scratch it or ding it with your tools as the wire will break quickly.

Kits also include two very powerful magnets. We suggest epoxying each magnet to the tip of a wooden or plastic dowel for more control.

IMPORTANT: Don't stick the included steel feet directly to the magnets as the quick attraction could snap the ankles - they really are super strong!!! Make sure to place the foot to the set floor first, then attach the magnet underneath. Simply use a thin sheet of wood or sheet metal for your set floor construction so that the attraction is strong enough to hold your puppet up for walk animations.

Kit Contents:

5 meters approx 1.5mm Animation Tool Shop aluminium animation wire
2 x Armature FX breast/hip joint (4 way brass)
2 x Armature FX feet (steel with brass boss)
1 x Armature FX head block (3 way brass)
2 x Armature FX super animation magnets

2 x Armature FX acrylic eyes
1 x Armature FX diagram
10 x Grubs screws
2 x M5 tie-down bolts
2 x M5 washers
2 x M5 Wing nuts

Kits work great for foam latex puppets, clay and silicone construction. Just make sure to use teflon tape to cover all brass parts before casting in foam. They contain small parts and two very strong magnets which can hurt little fingers. ArmatureFX Stopmotion Armature Kits are perfect for anyone 8 and older.

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