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AS Kit Components/Magnets

Animation Supplies armature kit components such as extra joints, hands and tie downs.

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AS Professional Joint 14

AS Professional Joint

This ball joint is made from stainless steel and is used in both our Professional and ProPlus armatures. It has two pivot points. The balls...


AS Professional M3 Threaded Rod 5

AS Professional M3 Threaded Rod

6.8 inch (175mm) stainless steel M3 threaded rod Includes: 1 Threaded rod with 2.75mm diameter Compatibility: - Professional Armature -...


AS Rigging Block 13

AS Rigging Block

An excellent component allowing for the addition of rigging to your armature. The rigging block includes 4 M4 threaded holes into which out...


AS Standard Fixed Joint 41

AS Standard Fixed Joint

Standard Fixed Joint Stainless steel ball joint with one pivot point. The balls are 8mm and have an M4 threaded hole. Includes: 1 Threaded...


AS Standard Joint 21

AS Standard Joint

Ball joint made from stainless steel with two pivot points. The balls are 8mm with an M4 threaded hole. Includes: 2 Threaded balls 1...