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Bend-D's Armature Kits

Bend-D's [Advanced] are 3-D printed stop motion armature kits that allow for parts to be swapped out and are a great option for affordability and durability. Steel jointed kits are the best but are sometimes out of reach due to the prices. Plastic jointed kits on the market don't allow for weakened joints to be tightened. Bend-D's solves all these issues and we are constantly improving on the designs. Plus they are extremely fun to animate!

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2 Bend-D's [Simple] Armature Kit 7.5 inches tall (Pink Color)

Bend-D's [Simple] Armature Kit 7.5 inches tall (Pink Color)

Need a strong and flexible armature to hold up your puppets for filming? Bend-D's Armature Kits are the most elaborate wire based armature...