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Hello, I'm Marc. I've been making web sites for stop motion and clay animation since the year 2000. This online shop is the way I fund our tutorial and community website http://www.animateclay.com and maintain Zombie Pirate Tales, as well as this very page. These sites are a direct result of the loyal customers I've had since the beginning. So for that I want to thank everyone who has supported us for so long!

I am the only employee that works on the Stop Motion Store, but I have several long term partners who supply our helpful items. If you see something on our page, it's because it is of high quality and reliable. I don't sell what I would not use myself on stop motion projects. That includes our armature kits as well as hot wire foam tools and more. When we sell DVD's and CD's I actually copy the files onto them myself with a five-compartment duplication machine. More recently I've acquired our Wanhao i3 Duplicator 3-D printer (and more recently a Creality 3-D printer) to create our Bend-D's armature kits. All of which I designed, print and pre-assemble parts before they get shipped.

When we sell a DVD, labels are bought, printed on my Canon printer and stuck on each disk by hand. Then I put them in plastic cases, box them up in boxes supplied by the United States Post Office and place packaging materials around the contents. Every Christmas I collect all the junk mail catalogs we get and various packing materials from stuff we get in the mail to wrap the items up. It's a great way to recycle and save money at the same time. Then orders are shipped using PayPals online shipping modules. PayPal turned out to be the most secure and affordable way to accept payments.

We have a really good success rate in packages arriving to their destinations. Maybe one in every 200 orders has a shipping issue. It's a track record I'm pretty proud of! With our video downloads, our success rate is a little less. Maybe one in every thirty downloads has
problems, usually because of the customers slow internet connections. So if you're about to buy a tutorial keep in mind that the downloads can take a while. If you do have a problem just let me know and I can give a few tips. Plus we also have the tutorials on disk and can always send them that way. If you should have any questions or issues about anything, just use the contact form on this site.

I always reply to any business issues before any others, and most likely you'll hear back from me the same or next day.

Thanks for visiting our site and I hope that what we have to offer helps make it more convenient for you to find your stop motion supplies!

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