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Instant-Video-Download Help

Some of the instant-downloadable video files on our site are large. In fact our largest videos are near 2 Gigs in size! It's not common for customers to run into problems, but luckily the solution is actually simple in most cases.

The biggest issue is your internet connection. If you have dial-up, downloads can take hours. Or if you have cable which is faster, internet glitches in your city can cause a download to stop unexpectedly. Other problems are virus programs and bitTorrent clients that hog all bandwidth from your internet connection. Try turning those programs off or making sure to allow files from

To save the video files to your computer you'll need to right click on the link right after paying that pops up and select "save target as" on a PC, or shift click the link if you have a Mac. If you left click it will just sit there and wait until it's fully downloaded before it plays. That's the worst thing you can do because you want it to be saved on your computer.

If you try saving a file and it stalls or is downloading at a super slow pace, sometimes re-starting your computer or re-setting your router can help. As can closing all unecessary programs, or ALT CTR DEL'ing and closing any unecessary processes. Trying different internet browsers also can make a big difference. If you are lucky enough to have two computers, you could even try the second machine and see if the problem persists.

The maximum number of tries you have to complete a download videos from our store is 20. This is so the link will not remain if it is posted on a web site to be copied over and over which can slow our servers down.

How to Find your Download

If your download finishes and you realize it has a defect due to your download breaking, or the power goes out and you lose your download link - here's how you find it again. First you have to log back into the store. If you forgot your password you will need to click the I forgot my password link. Then simply click the My Account link at the top.

Click the My Account Tab

Next, click the View button next to your purchase.

Click the View Button

Finally, click the download button to begin downloading your video or e-book files.

Click the Download Button

Download Managers

What happens if the connection breaks while you try to get your video? You have to start all over from the beginning of the file! It can double the time it takes to get a file. That's the way the system has to work, but it doesn't have to be an issue if you have a free download manager installed before you try to download your files.

A download manager is a tool that saves your files in chunks. If your internet connection times out or disconnects, it simply picks up where it left off when you save the file a second, third or fourth time. So there's no need to start all over.

For the PC you can use the simple program called Free Download Manager at

For Mac users go to
An alternative Mac download manager can be found at

For Firefox users, you can use FlashGot Download Manager found at