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Download all our videos to your computer and save on shipping by getting this version of our Master Course!

This is the best option if you don't want to wait, don't want to pay for our DVD's, and don't want to pay international taxes on top of that. The video quality is also better than our regular downloads and DVD's!

How it works:

We've uploaded all our videos to a file sharing web site. You simply buy the course and download a zipped text file which has links directly to each tutorial video.

Who is this course for?

This course if for those who want to learn ALL the secrets that I learned from working directly in the industry making TV commercials and short films. Every little and big technique I know is on these DVD's and CD's! If this interests you, then this course will turn you into a professional stop motion film maker in no time at all.

How would you like to sculpt puppets that look alive even before they are animated? Would you like to then animate those puppets realistically? Would you like to know how to make armature, or perhaps how to make a camera motion control rig?

There are around ten hours of video footage laced with secrets!

In the Stop Motion Master Course you will learn how to....

- Create solid brass tubing and lead wire armatures...

- How to sculpt your puppets on your armatures...

- How to animate puppets (2004), with our 2013 update!"

- How to Build Sets for Stop Motion...

- Oil and Polymer Clay Smoothing Techniques...

- Hair Sculpting Techniques...

- How to Make Strong Aluminum Wire Armatures...

Our one of a kind course is truly the best source of how-to information on this subject. Each video takes you step by step through each process. It makes everything easy to learn. Here are just two of the hundreds of happy customers who have written us after receiving their courses.

Testimonial #1:
Today I received,
     The item slope of the Order 522. Many Thanks. I'm very happy with the course. I have learned many things in short time, is a valious and important material. Is very difficult or impossible find info detailed about claymation and your method of teaching is ideal for those who we can not takes a assistance course. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all those whom we are passionate about this subject. Congratulations Marc. Please continued with this work and with the creating new material of teaching.
Regards. Sincerely,
Henry Naranjo D&A

Testimonial #2:
Im almost done watching all you're DVDS!
    There amazing. You're humpty dumpty was real good. I actually just bought some Mineral Oil, it works very good. Thank you so much for everything, I have a feeling Ill be improving quicker now. :)
 Thanks! You're the best!"
"YouTube Animator"

When you purchase the course, you are going to learn every step of the process to make and animate your own clay puppets, build and light your own sets and more. And your puppets won't look cheezy. You can learn how to get ideas for good designs too. You will watch Marc Spess sculpt a puppet from design to the final smoothing stage.

Learn how to sculpt a good design, keep the clay colors from blending and mixing with each other, how to clean up dirty clay, what tools to use that are best to sculpt with and more. And that's just from watching the How to Sculpt Puppets!

Discover the secrets to animating stop motion puppets without having to guess how many frames per second to use and see how you can get fluid smooth motions easily.

Find out how to make a brass and lead wire armature the same way they have done in professional studios for over 30 years. Or learn how to quickly make an aluminum wire armature in no time at all with great results.

Many many years of acquired tricks and skills are put on all the videos. So if you have spare time can learn everything at your own pace.

Here is Marcs (the instructor in the videos) previous film Zombie Pirate Tales Episode 1:


We are now giving away three free bonuses with our course. Get our famous 219 page PDF ebook Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed 3. Secrets Revealed is a top seller and covers all aspects of the art form. Learn how you can build sets, create your own studio, make flying rigs and more. There are over 100 topics in Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed.
Free Bonus: Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed 3

You also get our newest tutorial video on how to make professional replacement mouths using clay with our latest technique. This video lesson has information not taught anywhere else, and the results are very impressive. It's also not as hard as you would expect!
Free Bonus: Clay Replacement Mouths!

Our third free bonus is given to us by Ron Cole. Ron has over 20 years of experience in the effects industry and is a pioneer in the world of stop motion. This 30 minute quick time video on DVD "quick time player required" shows Ron explaining all the tips to making a plaster mold for your foam latex puppets from start to finish.
Free Bonus: Ron Coles Plaster Mold Making Tutorial!

Get all these products as one downloadable bundle today with the three free bonuses and you will save $59.00 as opposed to buying them individually. You can always get a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied

The only requirements are that you have a computer that can watch Windows Media videos, the free Adobe Acrobat reader (to open our E-Book Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed 3) and the willingness to become an animator.

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