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No other ball and socket armature kit is as strong and easily customizable as our ArmaBenders 2 ball and socket armatures.

Armabenders 2 can be sized to your exact puppet specifications with only a hack saw "or dremel cut-off wheel", a pair of pliers and the included hex wrenches.

Simply cut the threaded rod sections to length and screw them into the shoulder, hip blocks and extenders. The basic kit size can vary from less than 5 inches to 12 inches tall. You can also combine both ArmaBenders 1 and ArmaBenders 2 kits together if you previously purchased one.

The below video is a walk animation using one of the prototype ArmaBender armatures.

ArmaBenders 2 are also extendible when you purchase the extra machined aluminum extenders. Your puppet can be up to 22 inches tall. Make sure to buy the long extenders for this purpose.

ArmaBenders 2 do not have large clunky joints, allowing puppets to be skinny or fat depending on your designs.

See some large images of the newly designed kit at the bottom of this page. Note, the kit includes tie downs which are not shown in the images.

Testimonial: "Hey Marc, I have used your ball and socket armature kit on my senior project which has been in one festival and hopefully (fingers crossed) a couple more. Anyway I was wondering when you were getting more armatures in.

I have bought some from the UK before but they need a lot of work to be done to them (silver solder rods into balls etc) and your kits are just so neat and easy that they take all of the headache out of the process. Plus they are fantastic design and top notch quality. I think its great you offer them making your site the only one im aware of in the US that sells them (of high quality).

Above animation created by Jody Meredith using a modified kit. Visit his site at:

I would definitely be interested in buying two maybe three armatures from you for a larger commissioned project I am workign on with three other animators. Anyway if you could tell me when you expect to have some more I'd greatly appreciate it." Regards,
Devin Ruddick' Email and Devins Blog.

The ArmaBenders 2 kit comes with a special arm block where you can replace the entire fore-arm. You simply loosen the hex screws with the hex wrench to slide the whole hand and wrist out.

ArmaBenders 2 are designed by our machinist Tetsu from Japan. He recently finished creating armatures for famed stop motion artist Mr. Kawamoto. The kits are also the main stop motion armatures used in Tokyos University of the Arts animation program.

We suggest reading the manual completely to understand what is involved with these armatures before purchasing them. Here is our previous manual, for ArmaBenders 2 please see the images at the bottom of this page.

ArmaBenders 1 PDF Manual:

Right click here "Save Target As" to save and read the ArmaBenders manual

Note: Please choose Priority Mail International if you are outside the US. This way we can track and insure the item from loss or theft. Thank You.

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