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ZU3D Stop-Motion Software Studio3 (new!)


Zu3D was created to allow children (and adults) of all ages to make amazing animated films quickly and easily.

Zu3D combines a polished intuitive interface with stunningly powerful features, Zu3D Studio3 combines automatic chroma-keying, unlimited layers of audio and video, exciting titles and advanced drawing tools with an extensive library of sound effects, music, graphics, backgrounds and titles. Unlocking the film-making and storytelling potential in everyone whatever their technical ability.

Zu3D Studio3 Features

-Capture images from webcam/DV camera
-Speed up and slow down your film
-Playback your film at any time
-Delete frames at any time
-Onion Skinning (unlimited layers)
-Network Compatible
-Import sound effects and music
-Record narration
-Unlimited layers of audio
-Extended library of sound effects and music
-Titles and Credits
-Import video
-Import images

More Features....
-Export as WMV, AVI or FLV
-Upload to the Zu3D online gallery
-Speech bubbles -Automatic green-screening / chroma Key
-Create hand drawn animations
-Draw onto captured frames
-Rig-removal / magic rubber
-Unlimited layers of video

If you already own Zu3D Original or Zu3D 2.1 you can upgrade to Zu3D Studio3 for just the difference in price. E-mail us for more info.

What Happens After I Purchase?

After buying ZU3D, you will get a license key and instructions sent to your email on how to download the full version within a maximum of 24-48 hours, but usually less. Then you can animate and take advantage of all the benefits of ZU3D without any limits!

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