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Armatures, Sculpting & Animation DVD 3 Pack UPDATED Save $15.00


Now is your chance to save $10.00 by purchasing all three of our DVD's in one! With over seven hours of video you will discover how to....

- Create solid brass tubing and lead wire armatures so that your puppets will move exactly the way you want them to. The armature helps you keep your puppets from falling over or breaking apart and is super important.

- How to sculpt your puppets on your armatures that look alive before you even start to animate them. So if your puppets look like lifeless blobs, the techniques in this DVD set are perfect for you. There are even advanced tricks for experienced sculptors.

- How to animate your clay puppets so that they can perform in any way you want. If you want your puppets to perform, you'll need to time the moves and calculate everything properly.

NEW! We now include the How to Animate Puppets Update DVD to our pack which talks about all the latest technology as of 2012!

What that means is your learning every step of the process to make and animate your own clay puppets.

No longer will you need to struggle with sculpting puppet that turn out ugly. You can see a puppet sculpted from design to the final smoothing stage. It's not that you can't sculpt - it's just that nobody has taught you how!

Learn how to keep the clay colors from blending and mixing with each other, how to clean up dirty clay, what tools to use that are best to sculpt with and more.

Discover the secrets to animating stop motion puppets without having to guess how many frames per second to use and see how you can animate fluid smooth motions easily.

Find out how to make solid puppets that don't fall over and can be controlled with precision. We teach you how in the brass tube and lead wire armature DVD all the techniques studios kept secret for over 30 years.

Several years of acquired tricks and skills are put on all three DVD's so anyone who has spare time can learn everything in a few hourly sessions in front of your TV.

Get all three DVD's today and you will save $10.00 off of your purchase. We have a full 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Note: If you live in Europe a PAL version of this DVD will be automatically sent.

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