Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed 3 Testimonials

Here are just some of the testimonials we have received from our customers about Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed. If you would like to add your testimonial here, just e-mail us and we will include it.

"As a member of the animation community I have read a lot of books, and own Clay Animation: Secrets Revealed 2. Secrets Revealed: 3 is a major update to how clay animation and stop motion is done now, with the digital equipment that is current and up to date. It is an excellent insight into the process of creating a film today.

The best part of the book is the interviews from stop motion luminaries such as Anthony Scott, Brad Schiff, and Justin Rasch.

After reading this text, you will have an appreciation for the amount of time it takes to make a short film, knowledge of the tools and materials involved, and the skillsets to do it.

Clay Animation: Secrets Revealed 3 is a buried treasure chest of exactly as the name implies: secrets in clay animation. Without Marc Spess and Animateclay, many of these tips and tricks might be lost forever." ~ Don Carlson

"Secrets Revealed' works like a charm! I must say that the book is excellent, and I am finding it to be better than 'Creating 3D Animation' by Brian Sibley and Peter Lord. Where as 'Creating 3D' mostly contains information that can really only be applied to those with a large budget, your book has loads information that will help both novices and professionals." ~

"If you want to animate with clay, Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed is the book you want by your side" ~

"I bought your e-book last night and it is incredible! So incredible in fact I can't think of anything else to say about it. I really am speechless. I've learned more in 1 day than I've learned in the past 6 months. Animating gets kind of frustrating when you're not sure about what you're doing but this book helps allot!" ~ Jake

"What a terrific book, packed full of information on the nitty-gritty of stop-motion and clay animation. This is the most practical, informative book I've ever seen on the subject." ~ Former Disney animator, Senior animator, CDS West ~ Paul Naas

"BRILLIANT! Highly interesting information, that - no doubt- will save me from a lot of mistakes while doing my animation project. Very detailed, practical stuff." ~ Nils Fliegner - Germany

"Finally someone has taken the time to collect and assemble so many tips, techniques, and industry secrets in one convenient location. Now instead of spending years searching for these clay animation techniques I can spend that time applying them. Thanks Marc for writing such a valuable and informative resource." ~ Mike Behunin

"I have to tell you again that your e-book is great. It's my most powerful animating tool." ~ Animator ~ David Glicksman

"Before I got the book, I thought that I could wing it and just make armatures ect. but now I am glad that I did not. I would have been lost at the first step, the clay buying." ~ Jake

"I downloaded and read Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed! and I like it. I found it very informative. I bought the printed version and the E-Book. I sometimes read the printed version before going to bed so I can think about what I've read before falling asleep. Thanks Marc, for writing such a great book." ~ Tim

"Your book was really helpful to me in understanding clay animation and planning the unit for our students. And your web site was also very helpful." ~ Althea Doolittle Pierce Middle School

"Thanks Marc, the book is great, showed me lots of short cuts that save me time and speed up the process. Lots of useful tips. I was an amateur, and its taken me to a professional level in no time." ~ Ray Wilson

"I just wanted to say that your Animate Clay book is wonderful. There is so much resourceful information, that I just have to say thanks. I've learned a lot from your book." ~ Tricia

"I received a copy of your new book. I have found it to be written to the point and full of very useful information. It explains things clearly, with many practical methods of working." ~ Associate Professor, Department of Radio, Television, and Photography ~ Marc J. Barr

"Marc, I've owned your book for a few years now, but I haven't attempted any stop-mo from it.  I've decided to take the plunge!  In reading your book I just wanted to thank you for making it so enjoyable and readable. I've been a computer animator for several years now but I consider stop-motion to be the truest form of animation. It's gonna be hardcore but I can do it with all the cool stuff you put in the book. Thanks," ~ Geoff Clark"

"I am loving your book. It has really sped up my learning process as far as technique, construction, and effects. I only wish I had it about a year ago when I got started. I think I would be where I am now...about 8 months ago". ~ Animator and sculptor ~ Josh Jennings

"The "Secrets Revealed E-book" is really great, all the things that can cause doubt are very good explained, like the double boiler and the carefuls when using it, as well as the great pictures, that explain by himselfs."~ Tancredo Cortizo Freire

"I really enjoyed your new book "Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed". I have never done any animation work, and I have found your web site and this book a great way to get started. Thanks for the information!" ~ Leo

"Your book arrived yesterday and I've been reading through it. Nice work! I can see how it's going to help me out big time". ~ Kevin

"Finally someone has gathered together in one place all you need to know to make your stop motion video dream become reality". ~ Lewis Anderson

"I wanted to say I just bought the book, and it is great. It's really hard to find content about claymation." ~ Cody

Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed! is now required reading at the Stop Motion Animation Institute classes! *Note the classes no longer exist*

"I ordered your Secrets of Clay Animation Ebook a couple of weeks ago and I must say, it is a very informable piece of work....Very well done...I am very pleased with the purchase and have already created my first stop motion animation." ~ Charles

"I read it all the way through twice. It was awesome!" ~ Aaron Robbins

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